Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies for sale

Refund Policy

This is page isn’t really necessary as we could easily mention this on our FAQ page. But it’ll be important for it to be seen easily as most clients want to feel that sense of safety.

If a client Adopts a puppy and upon arrival, the client finds out we sent the wrong puppy, the return cost will be on us and if the client hasn’t changed his mind yet, then we’ll send another puppy. If the client has changed his or her mind, then we’ll refund the client’s money.


Sometimes, people make deposits and stay too long before making payments. In these circumstances, we may wait on the client if they give us a reasonable time to make the payment. If they don’t then we usually give the pup out for adoption to the next available client and the refund the client who made the deposit. The client may also opt to wait for the next litter. What ever the case is, we always refund every client that needs refunding.